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"I had decades of bad habits and anxiety that needed to be fixed. Darrian has been a miracle worker! She definitely cares a great deal for her clients and goes above and beyond to help them!" -Angie

'I started seeing Darrian a few months ago to help with my binge eating and chronic pain. After the first session I felt a huge change. I am so much healthier and better off since I started therapy. My eating habits have completely changed. I still suffer from chronic pain but I have noticed a decrease in how often my legs hurt. Darrian showed me new ways to block out my pain. I use these exercises every day. '  - Elten​​

"Darrian is just the best. If you need a meaningful session that will strengthen your mind and personal foundation through therapy and hypnotherapy. Seek Darrian out..kind hearted approach with great wisdom. She helped me more than I can say. Seek her out!!" -Adrian

"I didn't know what to expect when I made the appointment, "Was this really going to work? How could it, nothing I've tried in 2.5 years has worked?" "I just keep gaining weight, I've become anti-social, I have no self-esteem... I thought this is just who I am now and I hated it". I then met with Darrian and she has changed my life! At this point, I've only had 2 full sessions and I have lost 8lbs and 4 inches off of my waist!!! She has helped me go sugar free without headaches or sugar cravings & she's given me the motivation to work out. I have more self confidence, I feel happier and have more energy. My family sees the change in me and they love it. This is just the beginning, my new beginning and I could not and would not have done it without Darrian!"  -Michelle

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