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Meet Darrian Knotts

Having used hypnotherapy to improve her own life through the years, Ms. Knotts has an infinite passion for hypnosis and knows first hand about the unlimited potential that hypnotherapy has to offer. Hypnosis can help in all areas of life, not only for balance and de-stress but also helps with achieving goals, eliminating blockages and enhancing any other displeasing or subpar attributes. She enjoys providing personalized hypnosis sessions designed to help you lead an ideal and limitless life using direct and indirect suggestion methods, NLP and many others. With her extensive knowledge and comprehensive skill-set, she is exceptionally qualified to enable all of her clients to make positive changes. Everyone can benefit from Hypnosis and Darrian will have you seeing major improvements in no time. As a passionate Hypnotherapist, in the Chicago-land area, Ms. Knotts is available for individual and group hypnotherapy sessions as well as long-distance sessions.

Appointments and More Information


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